Is Fulltime Motor Home Living Right for You

If you are thinking about making the jump from living in a traditional house to living fulltime in a motor home, you’ll need to do a few reality checks first. Living fulltime in a motor home is an incredibly different experience—in many ways—than living in a stationary house or building. There are many things that you need to consider before making the transition to living in a motor home and it is definitely not a decision that should be lightly made. You will want to consider all of the pros and cons of living in a motor home and discuss them with anyone who will be living with you—your spouse children etc. It’s important that the decision to live in a motor home be made with plenty of knowledge and a positive attitude. It won’t do you any good to just jump right into motor home living without considering the thoughts of your family or without considering the potential complications.

To make sure you know what you’re getting into with your potential decision to live fulltime in a motor home let’s cover the basic disadvantages and benefits of motor home living. Some of them might just surprise you!


When you live in a home you probably take simple things like using the television plugging in your laptop and other energy-powered devices for granted. In a motor home energy can be expensive and limited. Many motor homes only have a certain amount of energy output available even with large house batteries and things like laptops and televisions are energy suckers. Many motor home ‘residents’ report that they have to make frequent stops to cafes bookshops and other public spaces where they can charge their laptops. This can be a major pain if you are someone who frequently uses your laptop or if you have to use your laptop for work. This can be somewhat fixed by fitting your motor home with solar panels—this can cut down on energy costs while giving you more energy output for laptops and other gadgets.

Modern RVs can be pretty big but they are nothing compared to the size of most modestly sized homes. If you are someone that needs your own space at home and you intend to live with a family motor home living might not be for you—there simply isn’t room for everyone to have their own little private space in the vehicle. One solution to this in many motor homes is to install curtains which can be drawn up over little areas giving at least some modest ‘space.’

Another big disadvantage reported by many motor home enthusiasts is that it can be a pain to find somewhere to park in big cities. Many big cities are simply not equipped to handle motor homes and may only have one or two RV parks—which are usually packed tight and very expensive.


Do you ever feel tied down by your possessions? The biggest benefit of fulltime motor home living reported by countless people is that they feel much freer now that their homes—and the bulk of if not all of their possessions—are what they can travel with. Living in a motor home fulltime gives you the freedom of only buying and having what you need cutting down on boxes of junk that tend to accumulate over time in traditional homes. With motor homes there simply isn’t the space!

Another advantage to living in a motor home fulltime is that the cost of living tends to be relatively cheap. There are many RV parks and camps which allow long-term parking which can cost anywhere from $5 to $65 a night. The ritziest parks may cost you over $100 a night but many people find that unless you’re looking for a luxury experience there’s no need to go anywhere but an old fashioned RV park. Many of these areas have water/electricity/etc hookups available and some even have other amenities like community pools dining areas and other hotel-like facilities. Many motor home residents also like to stealth park and boondock aka park somewhere overnight for free. They might park in parking lots in public woods rest stops or other free areas.

So is fulltime motor home living for you? It can be a big chance and a hassle for first-timers. There are many things to consider before making the decision to live in a motor home full time… but if you’re looking for something new to try and are willing to put in the hard work necessary to start a new life in a motor home then why not give it a try!

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